Saturday, 16 June 2018

June 2018 - The Cause Continues

June 2018 - The Cause Continues

If anyone wonders why we need a total change of politics in Scotland, just take a long hard look at the posturing and playacting by the SNP MP's at Westminster.
What can they hope to achieve by provoking The Conservatives and Theresa May just when May and Co. are on the back-foot and are floundering in a policy shambles of their own making?
The Tories will lash out, side-line the SNP 'rebels', mobilise the London-based media to blame the SNP for obstructing the political process and deny a realistic voice for Scotland in the House of Commons. Their antics gain the people of Scotland nothing.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Into June 2018 - Thoughts and Opinions of BM Scotland.

Into June 2018
The Thoughts and Opinions of 
British Movement Scotland

Deeper in the Mire - Scotland's Economy
SNP mismanagement

The obsession with independence, now the SNP think that they can use the Brexit negotiations to force another referendum on Scottish independence
During a recent trip to Brussels where she had formal meetings with EU minister Michel Barnier, Scotland's First Minister was stating her opinions that Brexit would not only fail, but that her position was that somehow Scotland should be able to continue to trade with the EU without any post-Brexit restrictions. Nicola Sturgeon seems to think that she can impose her wishful thinking on Scotland's future and operate as a separate entity from the rest of the United Kingdom.
Of course Ms Sturgeon has also made it clear that she believes that the failure of Brexit she is hoping for will force the Westminster government to allow for an Independence 2 referendum in Scotland.

Scottish Conservative MSP Annie Wells has described Nicola Sturgeon's comments on Scotland's trade and economy as "fantasy analysis".  

Plus we are not the only ones who think that MSP Nicola Sturgeon is delusional.
According to a number of political commentators in various national newspapers, the comments made by the First Minister about Scotland's economy and Scotland's financial situation, on which basis she bases her future policy plans are at best "delusional".

The SNP mismanagement of Scotland and Scotland's economy and services continues
to flounder on...

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Alba Duisg ! Early May 2018 - Keep the Wheels Turning !


Early May 2018

News Update:   
                  Stornoway Mosque is now open and up and running.
An alien culture and religion now has a permanent foothold in the Outer Hebrides.
The tentacles of multi-culturalism will reach out and contaminate every corner of the British Isles. The fund raising efforts made by Islamic supporters across the UK and across the world made this development possible a clear demonstration of the determination and commitment these people are prepared to make to achieve their goals. 

British racial Nationalists and NS could do worse than try to emulate those alien efforts when it comes to challenging and opposing multi-culturalism.

What is Wrong with Their Heads?
You have to question the mentality of MSP's at Hollyrood
In an article in 'The Scotsman' on May 9th 2018, the Equalities Secretary Angela Constance declared that she was delighted to announce a range of new grants intended to assist asylum-seekers and refugees in not only settling in Scotland but also to 're-unite' families who had been separated during their journey across Europe to Scotland.
This means that if just one adult 'refugee' is able to get to Scotland and be given "Leave to Remain", the refugee will receive financial and legal assistance from the Scottish government to locate and bring to Scotland the 'lost' husbands or wives and children from where ever they are living in Europe or other refugee centres.

- New Grants to help Refugee families settle in Scotland-
The Scottish Government will provide £100,000 in so-called 'Family Reunion Crisis Grants'
to pay for housing, rent, furniture, clothing, bedding, household goods and food for asylum-seekers and refugees wanting to bring their children and dependants to join them in Scotland.
(These grants are NOT available to indigenous Scots no matter what level of poverty they are living under.)

- Plus extra cash to 're-unite' separated refugee families and
settle them in Scotland -
Not only funds and free legal assistance to find the missing family members but financial aid to transport them to Scotland and to assist their settlement, medical needs, education etc.

Meanwhile in Aberdeen.....

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Friday, 27 April 2018

Late April 2018 - Keeping the Campaign Going

Late April 2018
Keeping the Campaign Going

This blog for BM Scotland will appear on a more regular basis but needs more images and news items from our readership and supporter network across Scotland.
Although BM Scotland has once again suffered from the censorship (shut down) by Facebook
of our Scotland based Facebook page, we can continue to report on some news stories from Scotland.

The Stornoway Mosque
The Creeping Tentacles of Multi-culturalism
Now Reaching into the Outer Hebrides

Outside Scotland in the rest of the UK, most people will not have heard about the construction of the first Islamic mosque and community centre in the Outer Hebrides.
According to various sources there have been a few Asian Muslim shop keepers in Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis since the 1960's, but only a couple of families in total. Now however the Scottish government dispersal policy for 'asylum-seekers' and Syrian refugees has seen a small number of Syrian families settled in Stornoway. So the demand for a mosque and Islamic community centre has surfaced. A so-called 'expert' mosque builder from Leeds, a Mr Rashid, has taken charge of the project to convert a group of derelict buildings into a mosque and prayer rooms. The self-styled "Stornoway Mosque Team" set up a world-wide appeal for funds to pay for all the work and very quickly raised over £50,000.
It is almost inconceivable that there are sufficient numbers of Asian and Middle Eastern Muslims in the Outer Hebrides to warrant such a venture, but with outside help this incursion of multi-culturalism is taking place. Not surprisingly not all the local people are happy about the situation and certainly members of the Free Church community are less than happy, but in the best traditions of neo-liberalism, certain locals have stirred up Scotland's news media to 'Celebrate' this latest erosion
of Scottish heritage and tradition, the well practised machinery of multi-racialism has secured another foothold on Scotland's fringes. A clear indication of a plan to impose multi-culturalism by stealth.

Monday, 16 April 2018

April 2018 - BM Scotland Spring Campaign Gets Under Way

April 2018
BM Scotland Spring Campaign Gets Under Way

On Facebook: British Movement - Scotland Awake Is Shut Down - No sooner is a top quality BM Scotland FB page up and running again than it is shut down.
It seems that Facebook cannot accept the truthful, hard hitting commentary and reporting.

Hard hitting commentary such as this.....

Countering Communist/Red Front Propaganda in Glasgow

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Propaganda Scotland - BM Agenda Across Alba

The British Movement Agenda Across Alba

British Movement - SCOTLAND - Alba Duisg

Every BM sticker, every BM poster, every BM leaflet put out in Scotland is a blow against 
multi-culturalism, a tiny hole in the multi-racial edifice which the SNP, the Labour Party, the Conservative Party and all the Left-wing organisations are foisting upon Scotland.
British National Socialists gnawing away like termites at the multi-cultural framework that the
 SNP is trying to construct in Scotland, With enough effort and determination we can bring their rotten structures crashing down in ruins, stopping their ruinous ploy in its tracks.
It is possible to change the national political agenda by generating resistance to their political manipulating, their Marxist social engineering plans, the conspiracy to overwhelm Scotland by importing Third World colonisers.
All that is needed is for an active minority of patriots, Scottish racial Nationalists and National Socialist to generate enough influence on the thinking and motivation of the White population of Scotland to ensure real and lasting change.
Scotland Awake ! - Alba Duisg !



Honouring William Wallace
the Spirit of Scottish Resistance....

Grooming Gangs are a UK wide problem NOT just an issue for
cities and towns in England

Thursday, 15 March 2018

British Movement Scotland - Moving into March 2018

Moving into March 2018

Marks the Death of Kriss Donald - March 2018

New BM Scotland stickers appear to be popular

New British Movement Scotland page on Facebook
going public very soon....